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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Movies Scheduled for the Week of July 5 – July 11

Hope everyone had a safe 4th of July weekend. Plus celebrating the USA Women's soccer team's victory!

There has been some complaints about folks who take advantage of the handicap early entry to swoop in and save a bunch of seats for their posse. We've been this route before y'all. Don't cause a problem that will come to the attention of the reps and soon you will find that tighter restrictions will be put in place to keep from people acting “entitled”. Like during the Terminator screening when a security guard mistakenly said the reserved seats were open. WE ALL know that the reserved is just that. RESERVED. To get in the seats and refuse to move, then mouth off on the powers that be will only get you ousted from the theater. Everyone seems to forget that these screenings are a gift. It's free. We are only required to act like human beings and be kind to one another and thankful to the studios, websites, and reps that offer passes and run the screenings.

I've heard that some theaters are now removing chairs that some have put in line and don't come back for a few hours. If you are coming to the screening, you must have someone in line. You can't dump your chairs then wander in after going to work or doing your chores. Yeah, we know you have a life, yada, yada. But if you want to go to a screening then your arrange that life to fit the parameters of what is acceptable by the theaters.

Y'all know that Dallas Movie Screenings also review movies. We currently have 5 writers who review that weekly films and interview the film makers. Come check our our reviews and leave comments.

July 5 – July 11

July 5

Purple Rose of Cairo – 3:00 pm – Texas Theater

July 6

The Gallows – 7:00 pm – Angelika Dallas
AGFA Secret Screening – 8:00 pm – Alamo Drafthouse

July 7

Minions – 7:30 pm – AMC Northpark
Self/Less – 7:30 pm – Studio Movie Grill Royal
Amy – 7:30 pm – Angelika Dallas
Slaughterhouse Rock – 9:00 pm – Texas Theater
Pineapple Express – 10:00 pm – Alamo Drafthouse

July 8

Minions – 7:00 pm – tba

July 9

Batkitd Begins – 6:30 pm – Angelika Dallas
Sharknado – 8:00 pm – Alamo Drafthouse

July 10

July 11

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