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Friday, October 30, 2015


This immensely emotional film about a mother and son locked in a shed by a criminal for years made me realize that anything can happen today. The story opens with the five year-old son, Jack, saying a monologue of how when he came into this world it was to be with his mother. Knowing the characters’ circumstances, I understood how major it was that he be company to Ma. His Ma, whose real name is Joy, has been locked in a shed for seven years with a code-locked door that only opens for Old Nick to have sex with her. Old Nick is the criminal who kidnapped her at 17. The confined space they share feels like a safe haven for them during the day. Although very small, we feel as an audience that they have all their basic needs worked out. When Jack turns five, he is given a birthday cake but with no candles which is not like he saw it on the TV. He screams and Ma says “We can only ask for what we need.” As soon as you hear that line, you realize that they are completely dependent on this disgusting criminal. There is almost a sense of them being survivors out on the sea because they’re trapped in this room. Jack only knows the TV and he doesn’t know what is real or not. This is one of the points where I thought “How would any mother cope in a situation like that?” After all, this type of injustice has happened before. What type of power does it take to raise a brand new human being in a false world? When Old Nick comes to violate Joy, the boy is in a wardrobe counting so that he can focus on something else. This film brought to light how much damage is done from crime beyond the physical realm and to other people. The child’s lines are filled with youthfulness, curiosity, and incorrect English. The actor playing Jack was a perfect cast as he realized the back story of the character so well and was completely adorable. It’s amazing what directors can get out of children these days within all sectors of the performing arts. When we see Old Nick giving supplies to the two, Joy always has to thank him and agree with him because she is utterly trapped. This film was a phenomenal look at how love can succeed even in the depths of blackness.
(Review by Wyatt Head)

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