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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DIFF2017: Size Does Matter (El Tamaño Sí Importa)

This film definitely earned its share of chuckles. The story follows a woman, Vivi, who works for the fashion line of a celebrity and has a crush on him. Subsequently, the man makes a bad deal with another prominent member of society which leads to him being imprisoned and his whole life being flipped upside down. Surprisingly, Vivi then enters his life by picking up his tab at a bar and the relationship begins.

This is a good light-hearted film that is sure to bring laughter into the theater and brighten up the audience. There were truly funny scenes in this piece. For instance, the scenes with Vivi’s mother where she is basically yelling on the phone were hilarious. The mother is with her father, who is a much more calm and mannered man, while she is berating her daughter over her love life. Her mother is wearing a summer dress with her hair curled and is just losing it.

Another fantastic aspect of the film was the TV personality on the gossip show. He wears a brightly colored wig while over-exaggerating celebrities’ appeal. It was a nice sort of storyline to bring Vivi into her former boss’ life so that she could get to know him. That catalyst in the comedy had not been done a lot in other films so it was nice to see a fresh take on a romantic comedy.

The film also made a little bit of fun of the fact that in Mexico one is considered guilty until they have been proven innocent. Even though it was a bit of dark humor, it still was conducive to the comedic value of the story. The whole idea of a Hollywood-like superficiality of celebrity culture was apparent in the film and the character of Vivi battles well against it. Her character is basically a genuine person who has an interest in somebody at her workplace just like any of us could have. She actually still cares for her boss even when he is a complete nobody in his former culture. This was the beauty of Vivi in the script.

One segment of the aforementioned gossip show host’s lines reveals the absurdity in the situation that the fashion line is owned by someone who didn’t learn fashion at all. This was the type of slapstick humor that was brilliantly executed in the film. All in all, this was a completely enjoyable and actually funny comedy which is rare these days.
(Review by Wyatt Head)

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