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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyer Mickey Haller works out of his Lincoln Town car driven by a former client. His Los Angeles cases are mostly drug dealers and gangsters who he has no qualms at keeping a client in jail until he gets paid. His quick mind and familiarity with the system while nattily dressed makes him a formidable character. A bondsman refers him to a case of a rich young man charged with a heinous crime. But the case makes him question his ability to judge if someone is telling him the truth.

It's great to see Mathew McConaughey back on the big screen especially playing a multi layered lawyer rather than the shallow comic roles he's been saddled with in recent years. Director Brad Furman (The Take) and writer John Romano adapted the story from Michael Connelly's novel of the same name the first in a series of Mickey Haller. McConaughey as Haller roams around in town car visiting clients, doesn't worry that he's freeing as perps on the streets or working deals the jail those who insist they are innocent. His assistant works at home in her robe and his ex wife Margaret McPherson (Marisa Tomei) is a prosecutor. The offer of big fees is what motivates bail bondsman Val (John Leguizamo) to ask Mickey to take on the case of Louis Roulet (Ryan Philippe). He's handsome, sincere and pleads his innocence. He wants to go the trial quickly so he can put this behind him and get on with his life. He's charged with assaulting a young woman he met in a bar. Louis thinks that he's being set up to be sued because he's rich.

Considering the movies released this spring, this is a nice taut, well acted legal thriller. McConaughey's Haller is reminiscent of they lawyer he plays in A Time To Kill but with more edge and sass. He's slick, smooth, and savvy. Fans of the book will be happy that McConaughey nails the character according to the writer Michael Connelly.Every scene a familiar face seems to show up on screening. Look for William Macy has the long haired investigator that reminds one of Guerrero of Human Target. Josh Lucas is the trial prosecutor. Frances Fisher as Louis's mother and Bryan Cranston as Detective Lankford. The biggest surprise is seeing 80's action star Michael Paré as Detective Kurlen. There is a deja vu feeling overall as it often feels like it's paced as a TV series. The twists and turns of the plot will keep one guessing, or not guessing if like me, you can see it coming. It's one movie this spring that's worth the popcorn.
(Review by reesa)

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