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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale are good old boys who are traveling in their funky pickup truck to their “vacation home” in the secluded wooded mountains. Along the way they encounter a SUV filled with college kids on break. The kids just figured out someone forgot the beer. They stop by a little gas station where they are creeped out by the hillbillies. Dale is smitten by one particular blond. With Tucker's encouragement attempts to make conversation with the young lady is met with fear. Their over active imaginations get the best of them as they envisioned these stereotypes from all the worst of the horror movies.

Dale (Tyler Labine) is shy, sweet and kinda pudgy with bad teeth who may be a secret genius. Tucker (Alan Tudyk) is more confident who Dale considers a lady charmer. They arrive at their run down shack that looks like it used to belong to a shaman with bones hanging around. Despite it's funky appearance they consider it a fixer upper and are quite happy. The first night the kids regale each other with scary stories. One being about the hillbilly in the woods who seeks revenge. With the mood set the rowdy drunk kids decide to go swimming. The pretty blond Allison (Katrina Bowden) does a dive and knocks herself out. Dale and Tucker who are in their boat fishing fetch her from the water. As they try and summon her friends by shouting “we've got your friend” the kids misunderstand afraid that Allison is being kidnapped. Allison wakes the next morning to Dale serving her pancakes to her confusion. A student psychology major she analyzes Dale's insecurities so when she realizes she is safe she makes friends with the odd duo. She even helps Dale dig a latrine. The college kids spy her doing this when they come to get her and immediately conclude that they are making her dig her own grave. This starts out a series of totally outrageous misadventures that befall everyone in a big bloody demise.

This feature debut from director Eli Craig, who is the son of Sally Field, wrote the script with Morgan Jurgenson. Production started in 2009 and after successful screenings on the festival circuit it is finally being release in theaters and VOD. It has a lot of elements of the typical frat boys and nubile coeds getting creatively eliminated but the genre bending storyline is unexpected and laugh out loud funny. Labine and Tudyk are hysterically baffled by the turn of the events that they start to believe the kids are acting out a suicide pact with each other. Tucker and Dale is probably one of the best horror comedies since Shaun of the Dead.
(Review by reesa)

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