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Thursday, May 8, 2014


I love Seth Rogen and pretty much every movie he touches or is in. I enjoy his presence in comedies and he is really good at improv. This isn't the best Rogen movie nor is it his worst. I though it was good just not great. Nicholas Stoller, director of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall and "Get Him to the Greek", directs his actors to have fun and if they want to improv they can. You can tell a lot of these actors had fun on set and really enjoyed themselves. The one thing I have wrong with this movie is that some jokes felt forced or raunchy just to be raunchy. I am all for raunchy and when the humor hits in this it hits me hard but other times I shrugged my shoulders or had no reaction. Maybe I have seen way to many comedies in my life and I am desythesized to most raunchy humor. Seth Rogen is as funny as ever while Zac Efron, surprisingly gives depth to his character and, at times, is really funny. I have always said Efron will be a big actor one day he just needs to keep practicing and, I believe, he will be of McConaughey status post romantic comedies. The supporting cast is also great from, the beautiful and funny, Rose Byrne to Dave Franco a.k.a. James Franco's brother. McLovin even makes an appearance, I mean Christopher Mintz-Plasse and he always adds a charm to every movie he is in. The cinematography is good but its nothing to jump up and down about, however I will say the party scenes were filmed very well. The editing is good and paced well with the comedic timing being pretty consistent for the most part. Most of the jokes worked for me and some fell flat. I always love raunchy comedies and Seth Rogen. This movie is another one to add to his roster of enjoyable, entertaining comedies. All the Zac Efron haters out there, its ok he is good. He will only continue to get better. 7/10
(Review by Chase Lee)

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