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Monday, July 18, 2011

Teen Views of Movies by Wyatt Head

From contributor Wyatt Head his quick thoughts on the movies screened from a young adult perspective:

Something Borrowed-We are reminded that a romance always has its twists in this innovative and relatable film.

Attack The Block-If you think Eminem is tough, wait till’ you see these teens beat the fur out of monsters.

Beautiful Boy- This film pinpoints every aspect of such a real and yet unknown tragedy that few people ever live. I believe Shawn Ku picked highly talented actors who not only know how to portray such a horrible happening but how to really live it. This film teaches us as an audience the true effects of such a loss that can impact people greatly. With a beautiful camera angle, we are taken deeper into the wound of such an unfortunate event that rarely people experience. This film is by far the most royal in standard and most real drama in the recent history of film. The Academy is as fake as a cardboard cake if they don’t pick this “boy”.

Thor- Thor has hammered down the punches as well as the CGI in this action packed and artistic rocker!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides- We are reminded that not all seas are calm in this thoroughly exciting film about love, revenge, escape and the one thing money can’t buy--they steal the money--pirates!!!

Days Of Heaven- Seeming to be random but really it is straight forward, this film shows the brush fires of life and how they intersect through love.

Source Code- This is Groundhog Day in eight minutes except there is a bomb on a train and a dead guy who's trying to find it which makes this film even better.

Midnight In Paris- We are artistically shown in this film that every person needs to access his/her role models even if it is through time travel at midnight.

Friends With Benefits- A sexy comedy that upgrades “friends” to the bed instead of the floor.

X-Men: First Class- An elite action packed prequel that “telepaths” the minds of the audience to serve just the right entertainment.

Green Lantern- This film wears the ring of a blockbuster and proves that it deserves that ring.

The Tree Of Life- This film shows the ordinary life of a family in the most exclusive and unexampled way that seeps through the heart of the audience and never comes out.

Unknown- This film “steals” a well-deserved thriller standard that defines what every thriller film should define –a suspenseful assassination of the audience’s mind.

Bad Teacher- There are plenty of worms in this apple which when eaten make people laugh to point of crying.

Sarah’s Key- An open closet door to the most hideous event that is portrayed in the most veritable way.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon- The metal of the “machinery” in this film is embedded with so much endurance that it can withstand even the action-filled nuclear bomb that this film produces.

The Change-Up- The two main characters switch lives in this film but the level of hilariousness in these two characters still stays at the highest standard.

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