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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Green Room


Heavy metal and graphic, brutal violence? It sounds like another music video waiting to happen, but this movie also caters to this and it’s extremely entertaining. Let’s get reel and break this down.

After witnessing a murder, a punk rock band is forced into a vicious fight for survival against a group of maniacal skinheads.



Director/Writer Jeremy Saulnier creates a tense, thrill ride with enough flair and style to call it something fresh and unique. I have never seen his previous film Blue Ruin but after seeing this one I want to check that one out. The way he uses violence has a brutal and yet majestic quality to it really adding a cool, midnight movie atmosphere. The story is a survival story and you are rooting for the main characters to escape the terrors of these neo-nazis, but told in a fun, exciting way.

Some of the dialogue can sound and come across cheesy but the B-movie quality of the movie kind of complements it.



Everyone does well but the two standouts are Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart. They both step out of their comfort zone. Anton is likeable and kicks a lot of butt in the violent scenes and Patrick is horrifying in every scene but extremely captivating. I wish there were more scenes with his character because he is just that good.




The claustrophobic tone of the film really puts us in the moment with the rich colors (especially green), harsh lighting, and beautiful, haunting gore effects.


Editing/Special Effects


The suspense alone provides an edge-of-your-seat experience and has a great rhythm to the story. I was never bored.

The hard-R violence can be extreme for some people and be a turnoff. I wanted more of this movie but this type of genre I know isn’t for everyone.

If you like those midnight movies with graphic violence and a fun tone you will like this one. However, the colorful cinematography, Stewart’s fantastic performance, and the adrenaline pumped throughout are enough to see it.

Grade: B
(Review by Chase Lee)

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