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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Haunted House 2

I saw the first one by myself and I didn't laugh more than once. I will say seeing a comedy with an audience in a theater does make it better, just a tad. I will keep this short because I felt neutral about this movie. In some parts, I was crying laughing and in some parts, the jokes fell flat. That's essentially what every comedy is. When you watch a comedy you will either laugh or sit there uncomfortably. Unfortunately, I sat there uncomfortably more than I laughed. This is more of a horror comedy than a spoof movie, oddly enough. It had references and actual, verbatim, scenes from other horror movies but the tone felt more horror comedy and to me, thats actually better than a straight spoof movie. Marlon Wayans is back and he has always made me laugh even if his jokes are flat. He will always have a funny presence. Everyone does fine in the movie and it's paced pretty well at around ninety minutes. It's entertaining enough to where you won't be checking your phone for the time, but it was more miss than hit when it came to jokes and overall humor. It's ok to skip this one. 5/10
(Review by Chase Lee)

Roundtable interview with Marlon Wayan by Chase Lee

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