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Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIFF 2014: Anna

Sitting back, drenched to the bone in rain, and sitting behind someone that must have been 7 feet tall, I was truly hoping that this film would be worth it.

Someone began to speak, and I heard comparisons to Nolan and Hitchcock.

Then I started to laugh.


Nolan and Hitchcock are geniuses, and I could not even imagine a film in comparison to some of their works.

But then began Anna...

About a man named John (Mark Strong) who can enter people's minds and memories for criminal cases, he is soon given a case to solve after a recent stroke and a lack of financial stability. The case is of a troubled girl on a hunger strike named Anna (Taissa Farmiga), and then the story un-winds from there.

Directed by Jorge Dorado, I can now see why they give comparisons to Nolan and Hitchcock. Dorado is too good for his time. I was shocked to learn that this was his first feature film, because it is absolutely stunning. I soon forgot about my drenched clothes and became entranced in the film.

The cinematography done by Oscar Faura was absolutely breathtaking.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for winding staircases and ticking clocks...

I dug the cast too, and I usually hate female actresses under the age of 30. That's why I was so pumped to see Taissa Farmiga, from American Horror Story, on the screen. She's kick ass and not whiny like most high pitched actresses. Mark Strong does a wonderful job as well.

I also found myself attracted to my first bald man, but I digress.

Anna offers the audience a very intricate and detailed story, all the way down to some roses.

Now, it was not my favorite film of the Dallas International Film Festival, but I definitely enjoyed it.

There were times where. I thought the dialogue was stale. Like that was "very stereotypical for a character to say that," but other than that, Anna is a solid film.

Although, there was a time where I was just READY to stand, but the film was still going, and the director was in the room.

It was either dealing with the cramps in my ass, or get a death stare from an attractive Spaniard.

I chose the cramps.

Do me a solid, watch this film. It's very interesting if you're into minds, dreams, and Law and Order.

It was a good film, worth the time.

Jorge Dorado is going to be big someday...


...should have listened to the girl who had cramps in her ass, I'm telling ya.'

Live Long and Prosper Always
She Geek Inc. Productions
Christina Cranshaw

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